Holiday Gifts

The Perfect Gift

Ossian Smoked Meats offers  a wide range of smoked pork products that fit every occasion. From pre-designed Gift Sets to holiday hams, our products will fill bellies and put smiles on faces. 

Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are pre-arranged for convenience and feature a wide variety of Ossian Smoked Meats products. These boxes are the perfect gift for any occasion!

Seasonal Products

We offer a wide range of smoked pork products including Spiral Sliced Hams, Smoked Turkeys, Canadian Bacon, and Premium Boneless Hams which are only available during the holiday season. 

Employee Gifts

Your employees deserve the best during the holiday season and Ossian Smoked Meats has exactly that… the best smoked pork on the market. We also offer Ossian Smoked Meats branded gift boxing and foam coolers on request.

Customer Gifts

Not sure what to purchase for your valued customers this year? Give them a gift that will feed the whole family. Our longstanding reputation is known across the country and will impress any customer. Ossian Smoked Meats branded boxes and foam coolers available on request. 


Ship Direct From Us!

Contact us about shipping your order and we will handle the hassle for you! Why chance spoiled product and dealing with shipping carriers? We have been shipping perishable goods for decades and have the expertise to ensure your gifts arrive exactly when and how they need to. Click below to learn more.

Gifts for any Budget

Per Person



Gift Boxes
Canadian-Style Bacon
Banquet Boneless Hams
Half Old Fashioned Hams



Gift Boxes
Deli-Style Boneless Hams
Whole-Stick Canadian-Style Bacon



Gift Boxes
Old Fashioned Hams
Spiral Sliced Hams
Smoked Turkeys

Upgrade Your Order

Branded Boxes

First impressions are everything. Our Ossian Smoked Meats boxes are colorfully decorated and designed to let the recipient know that they are receiving a premium product. 

Foam Coolers

Concerned about refrigeration? Our premium foam coolers will keep your gifts cold and fresh for up to 2 days! These foam coolers must be used in conjunction with our Ossian Smoked Meats branded boxes and are biodegradable. 

worker from Ossian Smoked Meats standing in front of delivery truck

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