About Us

Our Story

Since 1946, we’ve kept a closely-guarded secret in the family: our legendary flavor. It’s what has enabled us to live out our purpose of bringing families and communities together and it’s what has built the foundation for a uniquely-American success story.

Four generations of people, both family in the traditional sense and family in the communal sense, have shaped our business into what it is today and have contributed to our legacy. Those generations of people have built a name that is synonymous with mouth-watering flavor, consistency and quality. We’re proud that our flavor sells daily in the largest, most successful retailers all across the country, the independent meat markets just a short drive from us and in restaurants throughout the Midwest. Be part of our story!

worker from Ossian Smoked Meats standing in front of delivery truck




What Matters To Us

The machines might do some of the work, but this is a people-oriented business. We believe in a win-win philosophy and that all of our stakeholders, including our customers, team members, suppliers and local community, should benefit from a relationship with our business.

Our goal is to always exceed expectations for food safety, taste, consistency and presentation. We stand proudly behind all of the products we produce and have for nearly 80 years.

We fit well in the space between large packers and small ones. We prioritize our inventory position to maximize fill rate and ensure short lead times for our customers.

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