Interested in private-labeled smoked pork products? We’ve got you covered! Our smoked pork products are widely-respected across the Midwest and have a reputation for quality, deliciousness, and consistency. We are experts in formulating and developing products as well. So, the short answer is…almost everything pork!

Private labeling (aka Co-Packing) is outsourced manufacturing under your own label. We produce the product in our facility and label it with your custom branding. Why would someone want to do this? Capacity, labor and capital constraints are among the top reasons for co-packing. Becoming a pork manufacturer is not an easy process. It requires regulatory approval and ongoing inspection in order to operate a facility like ours. Our facility also requires significant monetary and experiential capital to run safely and efficiently. Our private-label process allows you to bypass the entry barriers and quickly, efficiently and safely grow your brand.

We produce nearly all of the major cuts of pork for both food service and retail applications. Private labeling does require some upfront investment in branded packaging and other inputs, which, in turn, requires a volume commitment over an extended period of time; however, we prefer to work on a handshake and in a way befitting of a true partner. If you’re interested in learning more about our private-label program, reach out to us at