We have a plethora of capabilities in packaging, including both vacuum-sealed and bulk-boxed products. With state-of-the-art stuffing, cutting, portioning, packaging equipment and highly-skilled operators, we can make your product vision a reality.

Thermoforming Film Packaging #

Thermoforming is a technique in packaging where two large rolls of food-grade packaging film are unwound into a machine to form a pocket. Thermoforming machines vacuum seal each pocket and remove excess film. What does this do for you as the customer? This packaging technique allows us to produce high volumes of consumer-friendly packages while maximizing food safety and shelf life. Thermoforming film can be branded to customer specifications, given a certain volume threshold is met. With a variety of thermoforming die pockets available, pack sizes can also be tailored to customer specifications.

Pictured below in a convenient 2-pack, smoked pork chops are a common application of our thermoforming equipment. Other applications include: smoked sausage, bratwurst, summer sausages, smoked pork loin dices and sliced bacon.

Shrink Bag Packaging #

Shrink bags offer a vacuum-sealed packaging option for bulkier items like bone-in hams, bone-in smoked pork loins and smoked pork shoulder picnics, as a few examples. Using state-of-the-art automated packaging equipment and only the highest-quality, puncture-resistant shrink bags, our products are packaged for safe handling and exceptional presentation. We specialize in packaging a variety of bone-in pork products, like bone-in hams and bone-in smoked pork loins, that other outfits will not due to the added complexity in vacuum sealing the product. With over 75 years of packaging experience, our process is food safe, highly efficient, and effective.

Pictured below is our Award-Winning Old Fashioned Bone-in Smoked Ham. Each of our products is a reflection of the decades-proven artisanal process we undergo to create them; therefore, we take great care to ensure that the packaging is as perfect as it can be.

Pork Old Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham on Cutting Board

Bulk Packaging #

Bulk Packaging is the process of placing product inside lined or coated food-safe boxes. Why choose bulk packaging? Not only is bulk packaging more cost-effective for high-volume users, but it also offers added convenience where rapid consumption and ease of use are top of mind. We offer a wide variety of bulk food service products packaged to customer specifications in the volumes they require. In addition, we offer custom labels and box solutions to high-volume users so they can maintain yet another brand touchpoint with their customers. An example of bulk packaging can be seen below.