Bulk Sliced Bacon

Using only the finest ingredients and a proprietary method developed over decades of honing our craft, our bacon is truly a mouthwatering masterpiece.
Smoked | Derined Pork Belly | Thin, Thick or Extra Thick | Regular or Pepper | 15LB or 30LB Net Weight Box | #2 Bacon 5LB Net Weight Box
Pork Old Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham on Cutting Board

Old Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham

Award-winning smoked ham flavored with our proprietary cure and hickory smoked to tender, juicy perfection.
Smoked | Bone In | Hand Trimmed | 18-22LB and 22+LB Sizes | Packaged, 3/Box (18-22LB) or 2/Box (22+LB)
Pork Skinless and Shankless Smoked Ham on Cutting Board next to vegetables

Skinless & Shankless Smoked Ham

A leaner, shank-bone-removed counterpart to our award-winning Old Fashioned Bone In Smoked Ham.
Smoked | Bone In | Hand Trimmed, Lean | 15-18LBS | Packaged, 3/Box
pork old fashioned boneless smoked ham on cutting board

Old Fashioned Boneless Smoked Ham

Hand carved off the bone to maintain flavor and consistency, this fully-cooked and knife-ready masterpiece is a perennial crowd favorite.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | Hand Carved, Lean | 12-14LBS | Packaged, 4/Box
Pork Boneless Deli Style smoked ham on cutting board

Boneless Deli-Style Smoked Ham

Slowly hickory smoked and fully cooked, 97% fat free, low in sodium and knife ready! Perfect for deli cases.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 11-12LBS | Packaged, 4/Case
Pork Boneless Banquet Style Smoked Ham on cutting board next to vegetables

Boneless Banquet-Style Smoked Ham

Smaller counterpart to our deli-style boneless ham. Knife ready for bun-sized slices. Perfect for smaller groups!
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 6LBS Net Weight | Packaged, 7/Case or 14/Case (1/2 Size)
Smoked Pork Chops in package on cutting board

Smoked Pork Loins & Chops

Packed with tender, juicy flavor, our top-selling loins and pork chops are sure to please!
Smoked Pork Loins: Smoked or Fully Cooked | Bone In | 15-18+ LBS EA | Vacuum Packaged, 2/Case
Smoked Pork Chops: Smoked or Fully Cooked | Bone In | Cut to Spec or Net Weight | Bulk or Packaged
Smoked pork shoulder picnic in package on cutting board

Smoked Pork Shoulder Picnic

Smoked to embody our distinctive flavor, ready for cooking. Perfect for slow roasting and adaptable to a number of meals, including pulled pork!
Smoked | Bone-In | 6-9 LBS | Packaged, 6/Case
Pork Canadian Style Bacon on cutting board

Canadian-Style Bacon

Tender, juicy and delicious Canadian-style bacon. Hand-cut, premium boneless pork loin cured and smoked to perfection. Perfect for eggs benedict, chops or as a gift!
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 3-5LBS or 7-9LBS (Holidays Only) | Packaged, 3/Case
Bulk fresh side pork bacon laid out on cutting board

Bulk Fresh Side Pork

Premium uncured fresh pork belly.
Raw | Boneless | 11-13LBS Whole Belly | Available Whole or Thick Sliced in 15LB Net Weight Box
bulk fresh pork sausage in spiral on cutting board

Bulk Fresh Sausage

We produce a variety of lean and flavorful fresh sausage that’s ready to cook.
Raw | Boneless | 5LB Natural Casing or 5LB Foodservice Casing | Bulk, 15LB Net Weight Box
Pork Smoked Sausage on cutting board next to vegetables

Smoked Sausage

Lean, delicious, natural-casing smoked sausage. Heat and eat, ready to serve.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 40oz Net Weight | Packaged, 4/Box, 10LB Net Weight Box

Seasonal Products

Bone-In Spiral Sliced Ham

A delicious blend of sweet and savory, our hickory-smoked and brown-sugar-rubbed spiral hams are full of tender, juicy flavor.

Bone In | Spiral Sliced | 16-18 LBS | Brown-Sugar Rubbed | Packaged, 3/Box

Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham

Our all-meat Boneless Spiral Hams are rubbed with brown sugar and hickory smoked to create a delicious sweet and savory combination. Hand carved off the bone and slowly cooked to tender, juicy perfection.

Boneless | Spiral Sliced | 12-14 LBS | Brown-Sugar Rubbed | Packaged, 4/Box

Premium Boneless Ham

Artisan-style premium boneless dinner ham that’s fully cooked and knife ready.

Fully Cooked | Boneless | 5-8 LBS | Packaged | 4-7/Box

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