Bulk Sliced Bacon

Using only the finest ingredients and a proprietary method developed over decades of honing our craft, our bacon is truly a mouthwatering masterpiece.
Smoked | Derined Pork Belly | Thin, Thick or Extra Thick | Regular or Pepper | 15LB or 30LB Net Weight Box | #2 Bacon 5LB Net Weight Box
Pork Old Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham on Cutting Board

Old Fashioned Bone-In Smoked Ham

Award-winning smoked ham flavored with our proprietary cure and hickory smoked to tender, juicy perfection.
Smoked | Bone In | Hand Trimmed | 18-22LB and 22+LB Sizes | Packaged, 3/Box (18-22LB) or 2/Box (22+LB)
Pork Skinless and Shankless Smoked Ham on Cutting Board next to vegetables

Skinless & Shankless Smoked Ham

A leaner, shank-bone-removed counterpart to our award-winning Old Fashioned Bone In Smoked Ham.
Smoked | Bone In | Hand Trimmed, Lean | 15-18LBS | Packaged, 3/Box
pork old fashioned boneless smoked ham on cutting board

Old Fashioned Boneless Smoked Ham

Hand carved off the bone to maintain flavor and consistency, this fully-cooked and knife-ready masterpiece is a perennial crowd favorite.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | Hand Carved, Lean | 12-14LBS | Packaged, 4/Box
Pork Boneless Deli Style smoked ham on cutting board

Boneless Deli-Style Smoked Ham

Slowly hickory smoked and fully cooked, 97% fat free, low in sodium and knife ready! Perfect for deli cases.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 11-12LBS | Packaged, 4/Case

Boneless Banquet-Style Smoked Ham

Smaller counterpart to our deli-style boneless ham. Knife ready for bun-sized slices. Perfect for smaller groups!
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 6LBS Net Weight | Packaged, 7/Case or 14/Case (1/2 Size)
Smoked Pork Chops in package on cutting board

Smoked Pork Chops

Packed with tender, juicy flavor, our hickory smoked pork chops are sure to please!
Smoked Pork Chops: Smoked or Fully Cooked | Bone In | Cut to Spec or Net Weight | Bulk or Packaged

Smoked Pork Loin

These top-selling loins are loaded with bold, tender flavor and are perfect for retail stores.
Smoked Pork Loins: Smoked or Fully Cooked | Bone In | 15-18+ LBS EA | Vacuum Packaged, 2/Case
Smoked pork shoulder picnic in package on cutting board

Smoked Pork Shoulder Picnic

Smoked to embody our distinctive flavor, ready for cooking. Perfect for slow roasting and adaptable to a number of meals, including pulled pork!
Smoked | Bone-In | 6-9 LBS | Packaged, 6/Case
Pork Canadian Style Bacon on cutting board

Canadian-Style Bacon

Tender, juicy and delicious Canadian-style bacon. Hand-cut, premium boneless pork loin cured and smoked to perfection. Perfect for eggs benedict, chops or as a gift!
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 3-5LBS or 7-9LBS (Holidays Only) | Packaged, 3/Case
Bulk fresh side pork bacon laid out on cutting board

Bulk Fresh Side Pork

Premium uncured fresh pork belly.
Raw | Boneless | 11-13LBS Whole Belly | Available Whole or Thick Sliced in 15LB Net Weight Box
bulk fresh pork sausage in spiral on cutting board

Bulk Fresh Sausage

We produce a variety of lean and flavorful fresh sausage that’s ready to cook.
Raw | Boneless | 5LB Natural Casing or 5LB Foodservice Casing | Bulk, 15LB Net Weight Box
Pork Smoked Sausage on cutting board next to vegetables

Smoked Sausage

Lean, delicious, natural-casing smoked sausage. Heat and eat, ready to serve.
Fully Cooked | Boneless | 40oz Net Weight | Packaged, 4/Box, 10LB Net Weight Box

Seasonal Products

Bone-In Spiral Sliced Ham

A delicious blend of sweet and savory, our hickory-smoked and brown-sugar-rubbed spiral hams are full of tender, juicy flavor.

Bone In | Spiral Sliced | 16-18 LBS | Brown-Sugar Rubbed | Packaged, 3/Box

Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham

Our all-meat Boneless Spiral Hams are rubbed with brown sugar and hickory smoked to create a delicious sweet and savory combination. Hand carved off the bone and slowly cooked to tender, juicy perfection.

Boneless | Spiral Sliced | 12-14 LBS | Brown-Sugar Rubbed | Packaged, 4/Box

worker from Ossian Smoked Meats standing in front of delivery truck

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