Half Premium Skinless & Shankless Bone-In Smoked Ham – Average 8 LBS


A leaner, shank-bone-removed counterpart to our award-winning Old Fashioned Bone In Smoked Ham.


Average weight is 7.5 lbs

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Half Premium Skinless & Shankless Bone-In Smoked Ham, Average 8 LBS

A leaner, super-trim version of our award-winning Bone-in Smoked Ham, the Premium Skinless & Shankless Bone-In Smoked Ham has all of the flavor of a bone-in ham without a shank bone and fat cap. The result is higher meat yield, a bit less time in preparation, and less to repurpose when you’re done enjoying the delicious ham! Easily carve this hickory smoked ham and let people enjoy the mouth-watering tastes that only an Ossian ham can offer. Average 8 LBS.


Each ham is vacuum sealed and kept at optimal temperatures while in our facility.


All products that are shipped straight to your door are frozen prior to departure. This ensures an adequately cold temperature on extended shipments. Orders are shipped in our heavy-duty boxes with extra thick walls for added insulation. We also use biodegradable foam coolers and food-safe ice packs that keeps your shipments chilled during transit.


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